Fitch Ratings: Best Credit Services Latin America 2020

Fitch Ratings

Over the past three decades, Fitch Ratings has kept a finger on the pulse of the world’s most relevant developing and emerging markets. With more than 1,500 analysts, including 200+ analysts fully dedicated to credit ratings and research in Latin America, Fitch Ratings offers global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise. Their dynamic teams of professionals, experienced in global analytics and knowledge of local public finance, infrastructure, banking, financial institutions, structured finance and corporate sectors, produce insightful market forecasts and reputable credit ratings. As part of the global Fitch Group, the company ascribes to the same exacting standards of integrity, ensuring that credit assessments remain objective and accurate and that forecasts are underpinned by well-researched — and actionable — data. A leading global provider of credit ratings, commentary and research, Fitch Ratings has operations in more than 30 countries, with 13 offices throughout Latin America, covering more than 1,600 corporate credit ratings across diverse sectors. As an industry innovator, Fitch Group’s offering includes credit ratings and research, market solutions and services, training and professional development. The Group has garnered a reputation for the reliability of its reports, and Fitch Ratings serves as a crucial regional representative and global contributor. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns weigh on investors’ minds more each day, and Fitch Ratings has taken steps to ensure transparency and accuracy of ESG disclosure in credit rating assessments. The judging panel commends Fitch Ratings for its solid market coverage and product line-up. The judges present Fitch Ratings with the 2020 award for Best Credit Services (Latin America).

Message from Carlos Fiorillo, Fitch Ratings’ Head of Latin America:

“Fitch Ratings is the leading rating agency in Latin America and this award confirms market recognition of Fitch Rating’s high standards, knowledge and excellence across different analytical and BRMs, local and regional groups to serve the complex and dynamic Latin American market during 2020 and beyond”.

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