Fiduciaria Central: Best Regional Socio-Economic Impact Finance Latin America 2019

Mr Oscar Marín: Outstanding Contribution to Socio-Economic Development Colombia 2019


From its headquarters in Bogota and Medellin, partners with national clients and international investors to spur the socio-economic development of Colombia. As a subsidiary of IDEA (Institute for the Development of Antioquia), Fiduciaria Central is a crucial partner for projects spanning the sector-strata of hotel tourism, real estate, and various commercial enterprises. Since its inception in 1992, Fiduciaria Central has established a positive and prevalent presence in Colombia, covering departments and municipalities unlike any other company. The fiduciary’s versatile line-up of products and services includes investment fund management, representation of bondholders and administration of pension liabilities, amongst others, but its overarching goal is to serve as a financial facilitator between businesses by “untying knots in the economic process”. Oscar Marín, Fiduciaria Central President since 2016, spearheaded the bank’s acquisition in his former capacity as IDEA Management during the early 2000s. Marín’s political career experiences before joining the fiduciary gave him an understanding of service leadership that now permeates the corporate culture. Fiduciaria Central’s high-impact projects have boosted economic growth and strengthened national infrastructure. Marín levers the fiduciary’s widespread presence to apply financial inclusion strategies that help lower-income families become homeowners and generate jobs for indigenous communities. Care is a recurring theme throughout the fiduciary’s playbook, whether it’s looking after the wellbeing of employees and their families or collaborating with regional authorities to create support systems for the local population. Good corporate governance is a constant, and Fiduciaria Central manages to balance the need for corporate transparency with respect for client and staff confidentiality. Marín and his team were rewarded for their efficient portfolio management with an upgraded rating of AAA in 2019. The judging panel recognises Fiduciaria Central’s sterling performance with the 2019 award for Best Regional Socio-Economic Impact Finance (Latin America) and Mr Oscar Marín with the 2019 award for Outstanding Contribution to Socio-Economic Development (Colombia).