Banco FINCA: Best Social Impact Bank Ecuador 2019


An integral part of FINCA’s global impact finance network, Banco FINCA Ecuador helps low-income, under-banked families with microfinancing solutions that create jobs and encourage asset accumulation. FINCA sees microfinance and fintech as effective tools in the fight for inclusion. Since its launch in 1993, Banco FINCA Ecuador has championed responsible finance practices. The bank became a fully-fledged licensed bank in 2008, and its services range from savings accounts and investment solutions to group and individual microcredit. Banco FINCA Ecuador benefits from a team of dedicated professionals who canvas the country — including hard-to-reach areas — to ensure that everyone is offered financial access. The bank also reports progress for entrepreneurial empowerment, with women representing 60 percent of clients and 70 percent of approved credit going to customers in rural areas. Banco FINCA Ecuador has caught the attention of the judging panel in previous awards programmes, and the judges note its sustainable progress. After a rigorous review of business processes and policies, the bank achieved SMART Certification and demonstrated its commitment to Client Protection Principles. In 2018, Banco FINCA Ecuador sponsored nearly 1,000 hands-on workshops to target financial literacy for age groups ranging from five to 65-plus years. It reached even more people through its digital financial literacy campaigns. Banco FINCA Ecuador deploys proactive outreach and thorough research to dovetail product development along with customer demand. For its ongoing efforts to improve livelihoods through responsible finance, the judges present Banco FINCA with the 2019 award for Best Social Impact Bank (Ecuador).

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