AFP Confia: Best Pension Governance El Salvador 2020


Since its launch in 1988, AFP Confia has been instrumental in shaping El Salvador’s pension fund system, which constitutes 44 percent of the country’s GDP. AFP Confia claims a majority share of the national market, with more than 1.5m pensions and $6bn in assets-under-management. This makes it the largest pension fund in Central America and the Caribbean. The company demonstrates strong corporate governance and an ethical code of integrity, commitment and excellence. AFP Confia acts with honesty and transparency, respects eco-efficiency standards, and protects client confidentiality. Board committees monitor operations to mitigate risk and combat corruption. AFP Confia has invested time and resources to better serve clients while supporting sustainable growth and development. The company responded swiftly to new legislation that opened its portfolio to international diversification, and unlocked fresh digital efficiencies. It has embarked on a complete digitalisation strategy using data analytics, biometric tech and artificial intelligence. AFP Confia, a subsidiary of the Atlantida Financial Group, has a Fitch AA credit rating. The judging panel applauds the company’s steadfast service, and presents AFP Confia with the 2020 award for Best Pension Governance (El Salvador).

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