Banco Ganadero: Best Green Bank Bolivia 2019


Since its foundation in 1994, Banco Ganadero has been strongly attached to the agricultural sector in Bolivia, in particular to the many SMEs represented there. To deliver the highest level of service to its clients, it places paramount importance on in-house teamwork and co-operation, the setting of ambitious but attainable goals, and perseverance in achieving its objectives. These qualities are instantly recognisable to its clients working the land. While always embracing its corporate social responsibility, the bank has developed an innovative range of products, from savings to financing to insurance. The aim is to make life easier for customers, and to contribute to national economic growth. Banco Ganadero has shown great awareness of the need to preserve and protect the environment, and promotes the careful use of natural resources.

It is the first financial institution in Bolivia to develop an environmental and social management system ¨SARAS¨ (Environmental and Social Management System by its acronym in Spanish), which focuses on credit loan processes, promoting high standards and responsible practices to SMEs that receive bank financing, achieving relevant results for environmental and social sustainability. The system is the mainstay of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In addition, the bank has changed the energy matrix in its offices, using led lightbulbs and installing solar panels to generate clean electricity and reduce energy consumption. Banco Ganadero was the first financial institution in Bolivia to introduce bicycle parking spaces for staff and clients, and it closely monitors the use of water, electricity and paper. Ever the pioneer, the bank has embraced digitalisation; its GanaNet and GanaMóvil virtual banking services are available around the clock, which saves farmers and those living in rural areas time and fuel. The digital service means these citizens can carry out transactions — wherever they are —. Having evaluated these trailblazing initiatives, the judging panel considers Banco Ganadero entirely deserving of the 2019 award for Best Green Bank (Bolivia).