Minerva Foods: Best ESG Processing Plant Investment Partners Latin America 2017

One of Brazil’s leading meatpackers, Minerva Foods is an early adapter of corporate sustainability principles and leveraged their power to drive the company’s expansion. Minerva Foods currently operates 26 processing plants in Brazil (11), Paraguay (6), Argentina (5), Uruguay (3), and Colombia (1). The Brazilian company also maintains a continent-wide network of shipping and distribution centres from where its meat is sent to more than one hundred countries across the world.

Minerva Foods pursues excellence. Inserting ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards into its corporate DNA, has enabled Minerva Foods to significantly increase operational efficiency whilst lowering costs and risk. It also allowed the company to secure advantageous deals and partnerships with multilateral financial institutions, receiving a valuable stamp of approval in the process, as an example of International Finance Corporation equity investment. By establishing strategic partnerships with non-bank financial entities, Minerva Foods has been able to source the funds that drive its growth.

Through a series of strategic acquisitions and the opportune timing of new ventures, Minerva Foods managed to expand operations and increase revenues regardless of domestic and regional market conditions.

Founded in 1992, Minerva Foods has gained global recognition for the consistently high quality of its products.

The CFI.co judging panel notes that Minerva Foods continues to dedicate significant resources to field and market research. These efforts pay off in superior products – and increased market share. The judges are pleased to declare Minerva Foods winner of the 2017 Best ESG Processing Plant Investment Partners Latin America Award.

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