Fiduoccidente: Best Asset Management Team Colombia 2018

Colombian asset manager Fiduoccidente has surprised the market with a range of products segmented by investor class. The firm’s line-up has been split to serve the specific requirements of each market: Corporate and Institutional, Individual, Government and Enterprises. This way, Fiduoccidente is able to improve its client proximity and offer differentiated products and services that dovetail with the needs and aspirations of each market segment.

Last year, a mutual fund was launched that aims to expose investors to the buoyant markets of the United States and a select number of Latin American economies. Fiduoccidente entrusted the management of this new fund to the renowned Chilean asset management powerhouse LarrainVial. With clients who are comfortable with moderate risk exposure in mind, the firm launched the Fondo de Inversión Colectiva Renta Fija Dinámica fund, a dynamic fixed-income mutual fund, and is working on the launch of its first family of mutual funds backed by real estate.

In order to perfect the management of client relationships, four dedicated divisions were set up to precisely gauge the needs of each investor class and develop matching products. Additionally, the firm has made significant investments in developing and implementing digital initiatives to generate a positive impact on the customer experience

The judging panel is pleased to note that Fiduoccidente continues to move from strength to strength. The firm’s new approach to the asset management business was exceptionally well received by investors and has already paid off handsomely. The judges agree to name Fiduoccidente, a repeat winner, recipient of the 2018 Best Asset Management Team Colombia Award.