Produbanco: Best Bank Governance Ecuador 2017

One of the largest banks in Ecuador, Banco de la Producción SA, Produbanco moved into its new corporate headquarters as it concluded a major rebranding exercise that emphasises the institution’s excellence in customer service and dedication to innovative solutions.

Part of Ecuador’s largest financial services provider Grupo Promerica, Produbanco maintains a well-established reputation for operational efficiency. Founded in 1978, the bank has a wide regional footprint via Grupo Promerica’s presence in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic and, through its subsidiary Terrabank, the United States.

Specialised in serving the corporate sector, Produbanco offers a full range of products and services that helps businesses reach their full potential. The bank constitutes a valuable reservoir of knowledge and experience in the Ecuadorian business sector and, as such, represents an essential resource for corporates, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Both a retail bank and commercial bank, Produbanco is recognised for its support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The bank has set up a number of facilities aimed at boosting the performance of smaller businesses which are considered the principal drivers of the country’s development.

The sustained growth of Produbanco is derived from its stalwart adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

The judging panel notes that Produbanco enjoys a solid reputation for transparency and received Triple A ratings from a number of credit agencies. The judges are pleased to offer Banco de la Producción SA – Produbanco – the 2017 Best Bank Governance Ecuador Award.