Grupo Panamerican: Best Diversified Group Leadership Bolivia 2016

Operating in fourteen markets across Latin America and the Caribbean, Grupo Panamerican boasts no less than twenty years’ experience in the region, managing investments, developing software for the fin-tech industry, and helping promote renewable energy. The group comprises five specialised companies. In addition to fund and asset management firms, Grupo Panamerican also maintains a fully-licensed stock exchange brokerage, a software design studio, and a clean energy provider with hydroelectric plants, water rights, and concessions in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru.

From its home market Bolivia, the group has expanded rapidly into neighbouring countries. The company also opened offices in Peru and Nicaragua. As investment advisors, Panamerican Securities was instrumental in forging large cross-border deals, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and major initial public offerings on the Bolivian stock exchange. The company has earned a well-established reputation as the country’s premier merchant bank for high-net-worth individuals, corporates, and institutional investors. Its wealth management division boasts a solid track record of protecting and growing clients’ assets regardless of market conditions.

Aluz Clean Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, is focused on the design, construction, and operation of hydroelectric power plants. Since 2007, the company has developed no less than seven projects with a combined power output of 116MW.

The judging panel congratulates Grupo Panamerican on its multiple endeavours and notes that the company enjoys wide recognition for its excellence in corporate governance. The judges are pleased to offer Grupo Panamerican the 2016 Best Diversified Group Leadership Bolivia Award.