Costa Rican Investment & Development Board (CINDE): Best International High-Tech Investment Promotion Team Latin America 2016

Costa Rica is one of those countries that seldom grab the global headlines. This is, however, a good thing. A stable democracy for over 120 years, with unmatched economic stability in the region, Costa Rica is making waves in a different way: the country is home to a growing number of international corporations that have found a business-friendly haven and an environment that rewards innovation. Costa Rica is fast on its way to become a hub of high-tech manufacturing and research.

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) helps businesses considering a move to the country navigate its streamlined regulatory environment. The agency assists businesses plug into local society which is characterised, amongst others, by the excellence of the education system that, according to data compiled by the World Economic Forum delivers results superior to those obtained in countries such as the US, India, Brazil, and China. Costa Rica has established a close working relationship between industry and academia which helps match curriculums to the needs of employers.

CINDE has accumulated a wealth of up-to-date data that enables investors to maximise exposure to the benefits Costa Rica can deliver. The country also maintains a free trade zone regime that offers incentives to corporate newcomers. The judging panel commends Costa Rica on its hands-on approach and is pleased to declare CINDE winner of the 2016 Best International High-Tech Investment Promotion Team Latin America Award.