Chilean Metals: Best Wealth Creation Mining Management Chile 2017

There a few places better suited for, and more welcoming to, mining companies than Chile. The country sits atop a veritable treasure chest of mineral resources. The world’s largest copper producer by far – with an output almost three times as large as runner-up China – Chile also boasts sizeable gold reserves – the second largest in South America after Brazil.

Aptly-named Chilean Metals is after both copper and gold in Chile. The company also maintains mining operations in Nova Scotia, on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard. A specialised early-stage junior mining company, Chilean Metals is in the business of exploring new ore deposits in regions that are likely to contain large mineral reserves. The company currently has a portfolio of nine major projects.

In Chile, its properties are concentrated around a 14km-long strike line of the Atacama Structural Zone just south of the Copiapó mining town. This is an area underpinned by igneous rock formations that is already home to some of the country’s largest iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) deposits.

With a world-class team of geologists and drill experts, Chilean Metals has a number of major finds to its name in Canada. Its lead geologist in Chile is credited with identifying the Santo Domingo deposit which sold for over $700m.

Junior mining companies with a solid track record constitute an exceptional value proposition. Chilean Metals – a Canadian company with an exceptionally solid balance sheet – has added an extra layer of protection to its operations by structuring a number of hedges against the unforeseen.

The judging panel agrees that junior mining companies are the venues where the real action takes place. Chilean Metals is no exception to this rule. In fact, the company has all it takes – and then some – to strike it rich. The judges are pleased to offer Chilean Mining the 2017 Best Wealth Creation Mining Management Chile Award.