Grupo BAC Credomatic: Best International Commercial Bank Central America 2016


A regional financial services powerhouse, Grupo BAC Credomatic maintains a network that blankets the Central American isthmus. The bank traces its origins to the Banco de América Central (BAC) of Managua, Nicaragua, founded in 1952. Venturing into neighbouring markets via acquisitions and organic growth, Grupo BAC Credomatic – now headquartered in Costa Rica – has expanded both its geographic footprint and range of services. The bank also maintains branches in The Bahamas and Cayman Islands and operates a credit card business in Mexico.

As an early adopter of corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles, Grupo BAC Credomatic aims to contribute in meaningful and tangible ways to the region’s development. Customer-centric and proactive in its outreach to people and businesses, the bank has established a solid reputation for transparency and excellence in corporate governance. This earned Grupo BAC Credomatic the trust of the wider market which, in turn, has resulted in impressive client retention rates.

The bank offers a full suite of financial services, available to businesses and private customers alike, and is quick to adjust products, processes, and operations in order to promptly meet market demands. With an up-to-date and fully scalable IT platform, Grupo BAC Credomatic is able to maintain peak performance in the highly dynamic markets of Central America.

Pioneering the delivery of its services over multiple channels has allowed the bank to claim significant market share across differing demographic strata. Such a broad base has repeatedly proved invaluable, adding not just stability but empowering corporate growth and profitability. The judging panel is happy to note that Grupo BAC Credomatic pursues – and achieves – excellence throughout its organisation and does so while adhering to the highest standards of transparency and ethics. The judges are happy to grant Grupo BAC Credomatic the 2016 Best International Commercial Bank Central America Award.