Del Valle Torres: Best Tax Team, Mexico, 2013

del valle torres

The tendency for tax affairs to become ever more complicated has resulted in the need for an increasing level of qualified attention both personal and corporate on the international stage. 

It has never been more important – whether you are a high net worth individual or multinational corporation – that effective tax advice is taken into account. Of course, many full service law firms have excellent tax teams – and the big four accounting firms are everywhere – but the panel felt that the quality and track record of the tax team built up by Luis Del Valle warranted special attention. The team has clearly displayed the advantages of engaging a specialist firm who are totally dedicated to your tax affairs. The judging panel was particularly impressed with the structure created for an international financial group, the Terrafina IPO of approximately $700m investing in real estate in Mexico. In addition the judging panel noted the strength and quality of the nominations received. It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce that the award for Best Tax Team Mexico 2013 goes to Del Valle Torres SC”