Air Austral: Best Airline Customer Satisfaction Indian Ocean 2023

Air Austral

Air Austral began operations in 1990 and has been solidifying its long-haul offering over the past two decades. The airline, headquartered in Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar, connects travellers to over 100 destinations across the Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia and Europe. Regional passengers can opt for economy or comfort tickets, while long-haul travellers can splurge for business class. Business-class clients relax in fully reclinable seats with extendable tables, power outlets, USB ports and sliding partitions for more privacy. Air Austral invests to maintain a modern fleet, skilled workforce and high-quality product line. Flight meals have been designed by a Michelin-starred chef. Air Austral agents help passengers navigate customs processing on departure or arrival in Paris. A rewards programme offers advantages, such as priority booking and additional baggage allowances. Air Austral strives to wow clients at every stage of their journey and solicits pre- and post-flight feedback to fuel continuous improvement. The flight crew and ground team deliver exceptional face-to-face service, and digital channels provide an avenue for open communication. Clients can share a complaint, make a suggestion or file a claim online. The airline promises to resolve customer queries in a prompt and professional manner. In the unlikely event of an unsatisfactory outcome, it can provide contact information for an authorised tourism and travel mediator in Reunion. The judging panel presents Air Austral — a repeat programme winner — with the 2023 award for Best Airline Customer Satisfaction (Indian Ocean).