Supernovae Labs: Best FinTech Accelerator Italy 2018

Supernovae Labs, Italy’s leading accelerator for fintech startups dedicated to financial institutions is pioneering new collaborations between finance and FinTech. In 2016, Carlo Giugovaz founded Supernovae Labs after gaining over 35 years of experience in the financial sector with the ambition to facilitate relevant and impactful business changes, by creating a rich ecosystem and recognizing the innovative potential of the market. With a new Open Innovation approach, Supernovae Labs offers an integrated range of banking services and operates as a bridge between emergent startups and established financial systems, where collaboration is key to creating benefits for all the partners involved.

Supernovae Labs supports and accelerates the best startups on the market, accompanying their business journey by creating bespoke value-added solutions based on the specific needs of each partnership. The company is well versed in fintech trends, offering business solutions including regtech (regulatory technology), AI-powered chatbots as well as roboadvisory. Supernovae Labs collaborations enable financial institutions to invest in innovation at marginal costs while providing startups and digital entrepreneurs with access points to banking and insurance markets. Supernovae Labs’ operating offices are in Milan, and it benefits from a European network presence.

The judging panel believes that Supernovae Labs has proven itself a capable player in the digital innovation ecosystem – and that warrants a win! Congratulations to Supernovae Labs, winner of the 2018 Best FinTech Accelerator (Italy) award.

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