Kasko: Most Promising InsurTech Start-up UK 2021


Founded in 2015, Kasko is helping to usher in Insurance 3.0 with its “Insurtech as A Service” model. It offers traditional insurance companies a white label API platform to build and distribute new products faster, more cheaply, and widely. Speed, flexibility, and an omni-channel presence are essential in capturing a larger share of millennials. Currently, insurance companies can take up to 18 months and €500,000 to develop a new product using legacy IT systems. With Kasko, it only takes around four to six weeks and €50,000. Kasko’s ingenious platform allows insurers to build, test, tweak, and launch a product. And products built using the system cover the whole customer journey from digital quotes to policy documents, administration and capturing the first notification of loss. Kasko began as a B2C startup but has found a more profitable niche in the B2B2C space. The CFI.co judging panel commends the company’s innovation in both product and product-market fit. Kasko’s success can be attributed to a rare mix of entrepreneurs, tech engineers, and insurance specialists among its founders. Nikolaus Sühr had over ten years of prior experience in the insurance and consulting industries while Matthew Wardle had spent over ten years in tech start-ups and IT consulting. The CFI.co judging panel is impressed by what Kasko has achieved and looks forward to witnessing its future growth. It is pleased to present Kasko with the 2021 award for Most Promising InsurTech Start-up (UK).

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