APG-Neuros: Best Water Treatment Leadership Global 2022

APG Neuros

There are few better examples of how innovation and technological advancement can transform ageing industrial processes than the performance of APG-Neuros, the Canadian technology firm which is revolutionising traditional industry. The company was founded in 2005 with the single-minded aim of modernising wastewater treatment. Its headquarters are in Quebec, with manufacturing and testing facilities in New York State. The company’s products are now used in a variety of industrial applications, with more than 6,500 units installed across the world. APG-Neuros is constantly innovating, creating technologically advanced products to achieve maximum energy efficiency and operational flexibility. It describes itself as an environment innovator. Built into the company’s culture is a determination to change the world for the better, working with like-minded partners to develop tailored solutions, product knowledge and mission advice. The APG-Neuros specialists work with individual companies to map out their requirements from drawing board to completion. Included in the equation is artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s products are self-learning, using highly sophisticated simulations to find the most sustainable and efficient answers. During the Covid-19 hiatus, its technicians were able to concentrate on developing new products which are now in operation. The company is determined to maintain a focus on innovation, constantly looking to the next level, listening to customers and the challenges they face, and dealing with issues “beyond the machine”. The CFI.co judging panel, recognising APG-Neuros leadership in the field, has no hesitation in presenting the company with the 2022 award, Best Water Treatment Leadership Global.