Cedacri SpA: Best Banking IT Outsourcing Services Italy 2020


To stay ahead of the technology curve, financial institutions must either invest in constant IT upgrades — or find a trustworthy outsourcing partner. Cedacri SpA is an Italian IT outsourcing services specialist, the head of Cedacri Group which boasts a 44-year history of tech innovation in the banking sector. Over the past seven years, Cedacri has invested over €230m in R&D for systems, applications and technologies. Through a process of continuous investment in innovation, Cedacri has developed a portfolio of services underpinned by advanced technology, comprehensive regulatory standards, and an understanding of market trends and client needs. From 2019 to 2020, Cedacri group expanded its workforce from 1,600 employees to 2,400. to serve the needs of 200 clients — almost of whom are banking institutions. Cedacri has achieved its original mandate of improving IT services and establishing economies of scale by pooling technologies, systems and structures. And It allows Banks and financial companies that use its services to obtain significant savings in management IT costs. Clients can choose integrated core banking solution covering all the core activities of financial institutions, advanced regulatory suite for the comprehensive management of regulatory compliance aspects, management of all the IT infrastructure components and Cloud Services, Software solutions, system integration and application management, business process as a service solutions to allow financial institutions to rationalise their operational processes. The CFI.co judging panel presents Cedacri SpA with the 2020 Best Banking IT Outsourcing Services (Italy) award.

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