CleanMax Solar: Best Solar Power Turnkey Solutions India 2018

The best environmental solutions come from collaborations between private citizens and companies more so than from government legislature, according to CleanMax Solar, India’s preeminent partner for sustainable energy solutions. CleanMax Solar is the largest developer of solar solutions in India and the largest provider of solar power to corporates in India’s commercial and industrial sectors. The cleantech company delivers onsite and off-site solar solutions on a turnkey basis. CleanMax Solar is helping businesses cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint by converting the country’s rooftops into renewable energy generators. CleanMax Solar provides on-site solar power requiring no upfront capital expenditure (capex) through its pioneering BOO (build-own-operate) model. Clients forgo the capex and performance risk, and pay only for the energy consumed — which typically costs 20 to 40% less than the grid electricity tariff — and CleanMax handles the operation and maintenance, and retains ownership of the assets. The company can also supply solar power to large corporates through the grid from its solar farms. The judging panel predicts a bright future for the company, and congratulates CleanMax Solar on its 2018 award win for Best Solar Power Turnkey Solutions (India).

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