United Waters International: Most Innovative Water Purification Technology Global 2017

The world is thirsty. Demand for drinking water has risen six-fold over the last half century and is expected to triple over the next fifty years. Yet only about 1.3% of the world’s water resources is available for human consumption. Water purification has become a high-growth industry, expanding globally at a ten to fifteen percent annual clip. The price of potable water, a finite resource, is set to rise in tandem.

United Waters International (UWI) of Switzerland has developed and introduced a revolutionary biological water purification system that uses no harmful chemicals and produces no residues whilst offering remarkable cost-savings. BioEcoTech also requires up to 80% less energy to produce a sustainable and reliable supply of clean water.

Founded in 2005 and to provide high-tech water purification solutions, UWI brings together strong industrialists, experienced managers, and leading scientists in a collective effort to force technological breakthroughs. Using a partnership model, UWI works in close collaboration with municipalities, NGOs, and other entities to ensure a broad social impact of its technology. The company is already active in Indian and China, and now mulls expansion into Africa and the Americas.

The CFI.co judging panel commend UWI for its hands-on approach to providing water purification solution that are easy to implement and scale at an affordable price and with a minimal environmental footprint. The judges are pleased to name United Water International winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Water Purification Technology Global Award.

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