Philips: Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Global 2016

At the forefront of innovation in healthcare technology, Royal Philips recently announced the launch of its high-performance IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager which offers healthcare providers a fully scalable and secure way to gather, store, and move large volumes of medical data, including high resolution scans and other heavy files. The data manager collects input from multiple sources which allows clinicians spread across different facilities and companies to access, share, and collaborate in a single seamless process.

The IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager complements a comprehensive suite of healthcare informatics products including radiology workflow applications and the IntelliSpace Portal which offers medical professionals an advanced visualisation and quantification platform. The IntelliSpace suite succeeded in establishing an integrated healthcare management system that meets providers current and future need and enables a more holistic form of patient care.

In addition to its already formidable core functionality, IntelliSpace Portal may be enhanced by more than seventy add-on applications. The portal is available throughout the medical facility and was designed to improve collaboration between clinicians and departments and make data widely available within the organisation in order to reduce error margins and mitigate risk.

In addition to cutting-edge applications, Philips also sustains a full range of high-end medical equipment from advanced molecular imaging to fluoroscopy, respiratory care, and interventional x-ray, amongst many others. Recognising the company as one of the world’s premier provider of healthcare technology, the judging panel is pleased to offer Royal Philips the 2016 Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Global Award.

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