NAWATechnologies: Best Nanostructure CleanTech Innovation Team Europe 2016


With businesses globally striving to minimise their environmental footprint and embracing sustainable practice, NAWATechnologies – home to fifteen years of research and development results in nanomaterials – is well-poised to reap the rewards of sustained efforts to help reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuel. The company thrives on imagination. It is one of only a select few businesses that have managed to integrate nanotechnology and green-tech.

NAWATechnologies recently opened its first pilot production line to produce ultra-rapid carbon batteries that incorporate aligned nanostructures that vastly improve storage capacity while reducing charging times. The company has also developed three specific thermal interface materials – thin films of nanotubes that help manage the thermal properties of power components.

NAWATechnologies is a spin-off of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. Founded in 2013 and located in the south of France, the company has become a leading player in the technological side of sustainable development. NAWATechnologies aims to leverage the power of nanotechnology to reduce the power consumption of electronic components, move towards electric mobility and help the integration of renewable energy into the smart grids currently being developed. The company has woven a network comprised of high-tech businesses and organisations in order to benefit from synergies.

The judging panel is awed by the practical applications NAWATechnologies has found for the results of its extended research. The company presents tomorrow, today. As such, NAWATechnology is declared winner of the 2016 Best Nanostructure CleanTech Innovation Team Europe Award.

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