Seabury Group: Best Aviation M&A Advisory Team Global 2016


With an impressive number of airline restructurings under its corporate belt, Seabury Group has become the go-to consultancy for carriers aiming high. In business for 21 years and headquartered in New York, Seabury Group is a global advisory and professional services firm delivering solutions to the aviation, aerospace and defence, and transportation industries, amongst others.

The company maintains a network of offices in fifteen countries in order to increase client-consultant proximity and keep taps on local conditions. Seabury Group has established a solid track record lending its expertise to over 300 clients in more than 50 countries with well in excess of 1,200 engagements. The firm has brokered complex restructuring exercises requiring a broad range of services, ranging from consulting to investment banking via IT solution.

Seabury Group is unique in having its own investment bank which allows it to offer clients help with both sell-side and buy-side transactions, private equity and debt placement, and mergers and acquisitions. From its corporate beginnings, Seabury has followed a holistic approach, providing solutions that include all aspects of the business under consideration. As such, the group boasts a human capital division specialised in developing and optimising workforce performance for improved operational results.

Seabury Group has an impressive number of successful large-scale corporate restructurings to its name and was recently engaged to help smooth the privatisation of TAP Portugal which entailed raising a €330m equity capital injection and restructuring over €1bn of debt. The solution provided by Seabury Group enabled the airline to ensure both long-time survival and profitability.

Investing heavily in technology, and offering a number of proprietary aviation management smart software solutions, has propelled Seabury Group to the very apex of the airline consultancy sector. The company has now replicated its formula – and success – in the transportation and aerospace and defence industries. The judging panel commends Seabury Group – winner of the 2015 Best Aviation M&A Advisory Team Global Award – for its unrelenting dedication to operational excellence and top performance. The judges are pleased to announce that Seabury Group has now also won the 2016: Best Aviation M&A Advisory Team Global Award.

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