Macro Software Systems: Best Business IT Services Partner GCC 2016

No business can do without technology: it is used to increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and – most importantly – interact with clients. Yet not all businesses are leveraging the full power of IT. This is where Macro Software Systems of Oman can help. The company’s mission is a simple one: to provide world class IT services to its customers.

However, that is often easier said than done. Macrosoft, for short, recognises that technology evolves continuously. The firm allows its clients to stay ahead of the curve by showing how technological progress can add to the bottom line.

Macrosoft, with offices in Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Tanzania, takes a customer-centric approach which allows businesses to receive tailor-made plans that eliminates the guesswork. Great effort is expended at charting the impact IT systems have on day-to-day practices and how investments may be recouped via enhanced performance, a more effective use of existing resources, or increased sales.

Macrosoft partners with leading IT companies such as Oracle, IBM, and F5 to offers clients access to both up-to-date knowledge and the latest technologies. The company also works with innovators such as Kaspersky and NetForensics to bring its clients leading edge software.
The judging panel commends Macrosoft on its business-friendly approach to IT. The firm is peerless when it comes to finding practical and profitable IT solutions. As such, Macro Software Systems is a clear winner of the 2016 Best Business IT Services Partner GCC Award.