NICE Actimize: Best Compliance RegTech Global 2019

Today’s competitive business environment has risks and regulations in a state of constant flux, and this change has had a huge impact in elevating the importance of compliance monitoring and communications surveillance technology.  Leading the industry and addressing these requirements, NICE Actimize embraces artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and other advanced advanced technologies into its financial crime compliance and holistic surveillance solutions.

The NICE Actimize eComms Surveillance solution reduces risk and cost by using Natural-Language Understanding (NLU) driven analytics and models tuned for financial markets to pinpoint suspicious e-communications and automating the investigative process. The solution analyzes 100 per cent of a trader’s conversations, reduces false positives up to 93 per cent and boosts compliance analyst productivity.

NICE Actimize, which focuses on financial crime, risk and financial markets compliance solutions, is a business of NICE (Nasdaq: NICE), a global firm with $1,463M in revenue.

The judging panel last year commended the company for its contribution to economic transparency and trust and is once again impressed by its performance in providing cutting edge solutions that transform the compliance landscape. The judges congratulate NICE Actimize on winning the 2019 award for Best Compliance RegTech (Global).

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