Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC): Best Infrastructure EPC Solutions Provider MENA 2018

A quick study of the infrastructural development of the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region will illustrate the pioneering role Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) has played in the region’s transformation. From next-generation technology hubs and sports facilities to water treatment plants and transportation systems, CCC has left an indelible mark upon the Gulf. The construction company is a global leader in the engineering and construction industry with more than 65 years of experience in project management, engineering, procurement, and construction services. CCC employs 182,000 people internationally and is currently engaged in 56 ongoing projects globally. Innovation remains at the forefront of the company’s driving force, propelling CCC towards its next challenge: the sustainable digital transformation of the industry. As a proud advocate of global sustainability initiatives, the company adheres to the highest international sustainability regulations and leverages tech innovations to streamline its operations and reduce redundancies. The company is applying building information modelling (BIM) processes to improve the organisation of large-scale construction projects, launching a fleet of off-grid solar-powered mobile cabins for construction crews, and exploring the disruptive opportunities of 3D printing. In a pilot project, CCC will collaborate with technology providers and general contractors to construct a 3D-printed home — fully furnished and ready for occupancy. Another partnership will create a digital warehouse which will 3D-print parts on demand. The judging panel was impressed by the company’s stable growth and visionary innovation, and is pleased to present Consolidated Contractors Company with the 2018 award for Best Infrastructure EPC Solutions Provider (MENA).