American University of Beirut (AUB): Best Sustainability Innovation Research University Middle East 2018

The American University of Beirut (AUB) believes education is the driving force behind the prosperity of any society. With a storied history of over 150 years, the university is on a mission to advance academic knowledge and foster a spirit of informed citizenry and sound leadership. AUB hosts dozens of centres and institutes where stakeholders collaborate to advance healthcare research and innovation, spur social and environmental progress, and drive advances in local and global communities. AUB students and faculty partner with more than 60 universities and research centres worldwide to collaborate on research projects in renewable energy, sustainable development, disease treatments, peace studies and conflict resolution. In 2017, AUB’s Collaborative Research Stimulus (CRS) provided $400,000 for research – and in total, research funding is expected to reach $5m for 2018. The university’s latest initiative, BOLDLY AUB, is a $650m fundraising campaign with a commitment to serve the Middle East with enriched educational experiences, superior healthcare service, innovative entrepreneurship, and impactful community engagement. AUB’s campus features historic buildings with modern facilities set in cool green gardens — an oasis in the arid cityscape of Beirut. Green futures can also be found among the 120 academic programmes offered by AUB; the most recent addition is an online degree in green technologies. The judging panel commends AUB’s dedication to, and investment in, a greener future, and names the American University of Beirut as the 2018 winner of the award for Best Sustainability Innovation Research University (Middle East).