FWU Group: Best Unit-Linked Product Portfolio Europe 2018

The FWU group, since its inception more than 30 years ago, has been refining its insurance proposition and playing a pioneering role in the development of unit-linked life insurance solutions. Through constant innovation and the effective application of technology, FWU’s distribution partners and clients receive integrated end-to-end solutions which allow them to simplify their operations, while providing safe and cost-effective products that can be tailored to suit individual needs. The company sees technology as a tool to remain agile and efficient in today’s digital market, implementing decentralised IT development to leverage global talent and expertise. It distributes its tech teams across European and Middle Eastern locations. FWU delivers traditional and Sharia-compliant life insurance products, and has been steadily expanding its geographic horizons. In a fast-moving market, FWU is always on the lookout for disruptive technologies and competitors – but it has always ensured it gets the basics right: putting clients at the top of the agenda. With traditional and Sharia-compliant products on offer, the FWU growth trajectory looks set to continue across its target markets. The CFI.co judging panel was impressed by founder and CEO Dr Manfred Dirrheimer’s passion, and by the team he has created. The judges are delighted to declare FWU Group as the Best Unit-Linked Product Portfolio Europe 2018.