Akumin Inc: Best Healthcare Technology IPO North America 2017

Whenever a fragmented market consolidates, there are interesting opportunities. The freestanding diagnostic imaging market in the United States has faced a tough decade and the management team at Akumin Inc. (led by Riadh Zine) know exactly how to take advantage of such situations. As a consequence, Akumin has become the fastest growing freestanding diagnostic imaging chain in the US. A series of well targeted acquisitions and the creation of a highly effective, scalable and innovative centralised operating platform have allowed Akumin to leverage full advantage from its acquisitions. The market opportunity, combined with strong corporate governance, outstanding business acumen and highly efficient execution led to a successful IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The CFI.co judging panel felt that Akumin’s timing was perfect with the management team having proven their capabilities. The IPO will help Akumin go from strength to strength – providing patients with cost effective, high quality diagnostics, and investors with a stake in a company that could well go on to become the leading freestanding diagnostic imaging company in the country. The CFI.co judging panel are delighted to declare Akumin Inc winner of the award Best Healthcare Technology IPO – North America 2017.

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