Nasdaq: Most Innovative Compliance Management System Global 2022


When Nasdaq began operations in 1971, it introduced the world’s first electronic stock market as a quotation system without the option to perform electronic trades. The global system is headquartered in New York and has the second-highest market capitalisation of traded shares worldwide. It gives investors and businesses access to global markets and levers data to extract insight and drive growth. Nasdaq helps global brands accelerate valuation strategies, activate ESG implementation and improve corporate governance. It has developed technology to uphold, expedite and secure markets. Nasdaq business solutions tackle financial crime across a range of compliance silos, organisations, regions and data pools — detecting and fighting nefarious activity as it occurs. Financial crime, according to the UN, is a multi-trillion-dollar enterprise that funds and enables narcotics trafficking, modern slavery and other types of criminal activity. Financial crime damages trust in markets and illegitimately enriches an individual or group. Nasdaq lends a hand to companies attempting to assess vast amounts of data to effectively detect anomalies and prioritise areas for investigation, helping to distinguish between a false alarm and a critical discovery. The exchange believes that a holistic approach to financial inclusion can assist in mitigating the advancement of financial crime. With Nasdaq, businesses can better understand the challenges, build awareness, promote financial inclusion and drive financial empowerment to build long-term financial well-being, freedom and stability. The judging panel presents repeat winner Nasdaq with the 2022 global award for Most Innovative Compliance Management System.

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