MAC SA: Best Stockbroker Tunisia 2022


Over the past 30 years, MAC SA has evolved into a multidisciplinary financial services company specialising in stock market intermediaition, corporate finance, financial engineering, asset management and Investment research. MAC SA was founded in 1992 and benefits from a cohesive team with extensive experience in financial markets. MAC SA is the stock market leader and is ranked among the top three asset management firms in the country. The Tunis headquartered financial company has proven efficient in helping individual, corporate and institutional clients to navigate COVID crisis by focusing on clients and tailoring services to meet their needs. MAC SA has reoriented the business model to target more bond issuance, levering its expertise as a deals arranger to help companies et countries climb out of debt. It’s also getting more business from M&A markets, as crisis-hit companies turn to MAC SA for help consolidating activities or lining up potential buyers. Following the path of the parent company, MAC AFRICAN SGI, the Ivorian subsidiary of MAC SA, and after a few years of existence, is currently ranked among the top 5 brokerage companies in the WAEMU region and has recently signed a partnership with a local company to develop its asset management capacities. Business is flourishing in a post pandemic world, and MAC SA is proud to contribute towards the region’s recovery and competitiveness. MAC SA feels confident that it will be able to adapt to changes in the industry by identifying market trends and swiftly responding to tweak an offering where needed. The CFIco judging panel presents MAC SA a repeat programme winner- with the 2022 award for best Stockbroker (Tunisia).