XM.com: Best Customer Service Global 2019 and Best Market Research & Education Global 2019

Multi-regulated XM understands the fundamental elements important to all Investors when it comes to online Trading. From blazing fast execution derived from innovation in technology, to a commitment on providing the best customer experience in the industry, XM has definitely changed the game.

Serving over 2.5 Million Clients from 196 Countries, XM boasts a professional and highly technical Customer Support Department that can cater to more than 30 Languages, through various channels such as Live Chat, Phone, E-mail and other local communication means in different regions.

XM’s Customer Support Department is available 24/7, to resolve any issues or queries swiftly and thoroughly, providing individual focus for each client, regardless of portfolio size. The Company prides itself on one of it’s Key Performance Indicators, being FCR (First Contact Resolution) which is essentially the percentage of clients that manage to resolve their issues/queries from first contact, which is reportedly as high as 90%. It has managed to achieve this number, by still heavily investing in Human Resources, enabling it to provide all clients with real human assistance, rather than relying on Bots which is a rising trend adopted by other Brokers.

Apart from being exceptionally technical in all areas of Trading, ranging from Trading Platform queries to more technical trading questions, XM have managed to crack the code and offer a very humane approach when assisting clients. This is one of the fundamentals the Company was built on, forming part of it’s aspiration to be a Big, Fair and above all Human Broker.

XM also devotes immense resources to provide the ability for its Clients to have access to Market Research as well as Education. A successful foray into Forex Trading starts with an understanding of the market and the trends that affect it. XM disseminates a wealth of knowledge each year, publishing daily market and forex previews, special reports, and technical analyses, including insights into Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

The XM Site is a repository of trading know-how, with crash courses for new traders and in-depth programmes for seasoned pros. There are multiple hosted seminars and workshops available worldwide to equip clients with the most up-to-date data for informed decision-making.

The CFI.co judging panel has recognized XM on previous occasions, and once again the Company has managed to excel and warrant global recognition on the Customer Service it provides as well as the Market Research & Education available to all clients worldwide.

Congratulations to XM, for winning the 2019 Global Awards for Best Customer Service, and Best Market Research & Education.