Osiris Asset Management AG: Best Value Investor Liechtenstein 2019

Fostering a culture based on discipline, fundamental research and the highest ethical standards has enabled Osiris Asset Management to produce consistently attractive long-term rates of return. The firm has a long-term, minimum-risk strategy achieved through diligent, well-researched portfolio allocation into global equities, and fixed-income instruments in euros and US dollars. By fine-tuning the balance between equities and bonds, including convertible bonds, its flagship Mistral Value Fund manages to achieve capital preservation and appreciation. Performance has gone from strength-to-strength since the present Osiris team took over all the fund management activities in 2012. A great deal of time is spent researching, then selecting, companies it believes are under-priced relative to their value, ensuring satisfactory returns. It does this by investing in companies with a strong franchise, good business qualities and shareholder-oriented management. It frequently seeks to hedge its equity investments with short positions in stock market indices or long-put options to mitigate “tail risks”. Osiris employs a contrarian approach to investments: just because a stock is cheap doesn’t mean it represents good value. By rigidly sticking to its investment principles, the company has reaped impressive results. Its policy is to globally study companies listed on stock exchanges or other regulated markets. Osiris is fully owned by its partners, and this gives it the ability to act swiftly in its mid- to long-term strategy. Close teamwork has also enabled Osiris to offer a range of wealth management and family office services based on accurate tax and estate planning, again with outstanding attention to detail. It is this indefatigable search for value on behalf of its clients, while always maintaining a close working relationship with them, that has so impressed the CFI.co judging panel. The judges decided that Osiris Asset Management AG is the worthy recipient of the 2019 award for Best Value Investor (Liechtenstein).

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