Pioneer Wealth Management: Best Wealth Management Team Israel 2016


Taking a holistic approach to financial planning, Pioneer Wealth Management of Israel derives pride – and success – from its independence. Free from conflict of interests and vested interests, the firm is able to provide clients with a wealth of choices for the preservation and expansion of their financial assets.

Pioneer Wealth Management has been in business since 1986 and manages to prosper regardless of overall market sentiment. The company is known for keeping a tight focus on serving its clients’ best interests and regularly presents investors with unique value propositions that bespeak of an out-of-the-box mentality which, however, remains firmly rooted in common sense.

Pioneer Wealth Management features a full palette of services tailored to meet the needs of private individuals, family offices, and institutional and corporate investors. Determined to leverage the power of boutique investment services, the company’s officers are recognised for paying full attention to all minutiae and offering premier services to a much broader range of investors than is usual for bespoke investment services providers.

By successfully applying economies of scale, Pioneer Wealth Management ensures that its offerings reach clients who, while possessing significant assets, would otherwise be confined to pre-packaged, standardised investment products such as mutual funds. Without any “in house” products to sell, the company is able to offer independent advice and counsel not always available elsewhere. The judging panel is pleased to confer its 2016 Best Wealth Management Services Israel Award on Pioneer Wealth Management.