Région Île-de-France: Best in Class Bond lssuer Global 2024

Region Ile-de-France

Région Île-de-France has established a commanding presence in the realm of green and sustainable financing, and the judging panel applauds this winner for demonstrating a pioneering commitment to environmentally conscious and socially responsible investment practices. Région Île-de-France plays a central role in promoting responsible financing and harmonising practices across European regions. lt has a clear and determined focus on green finance and adheres to European green taxonomy criteria. Région Île-de-France’s robust green and sustainable bond framework has contributed to its extraordinary success in attracting investors and issuing bonds. In 2024, it launched an €800 million bond issue under its green, social, and sustainable framework, yielding 3.222 percent, marking its most significant bond issuance to date. This transaction drew interest from 87 investors across 12 countries, underscoring the Region’s quality offering and unmistakable financial strength. The region’s financial ratios remain solid, with a debt-payback ratio of 6 years and a 26 percent gross savings forecast, which indicates prudent financial management. The judging panel points out that, “The Region’s commitment to sustainable practices is reinforced by its continued pursuit of innovative solutions in green and socially responsible finance.” The panel aise commended the publication of annual reports detailing the allocation and impact of its green loans, as well as the establishment of a Sustainable Finance Committee. Through its green bond framework, Région Île-de-France demonstrates an exemplary position in the sustainable finance sector, earning it the 2024 award Best in Class Bond lssuer (Global).

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