Asante Capital Group: Best Global Private Equity Placement Advisory US 2024


Asante Capital has advised on over $150bn in private capital raisings from worldwide institutional investors during the past two decades. This provides evidence of excellent results, extensive experience, and successful outcomes over a long period. 2023 was a year of strong progress too. The business expects the 2024 market to be more competitive, innovative, and specialised. Its view is that innovative liquidity solutions will drive further PE activity. Asante efforts are focused according to the needs of clients and the market, irrespective of sector. Asante seeks talented entrepreneurial teams with good track records. It looks for long term relationships and works according to the motto “Performance without Compromise.” Offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Munich provide international reach and the ability to connect to investors wherever they may be. Asante is selective and limits the number of fund-raising activities underway at any one time. It invests heavily in training and staff development. New hires tend to grow with the team. The corporate culture is collegial, solutions-driven, and high energy. Staff report a strong work-life balance (with family coming first). The job can be a rollercoaster ride, but there is always respect and backup from colleagues. The future will be exciting and there is likely to be further expansion. The Asante aim is to be the best, if not the biggest. Asante Capital Group is winner of the 2024 award: Best Global Private Equity Placement Advisory (US).

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