Moody’s Investors Service: Best Credit Risk Analysis LATAM 2023


Businesses worldwide trust Moody’s to assign the credit ratings that signal their investment worthiness to potential shareholders and finance providers. Moody’s Investors Service is the first point of contact in the rating process. It connects prospective clients with a relationship manager and then assigns an analytical team to review the company’s submitted documentation. The analytical team goes over the material with company management and then passes the analysis on to the rating committee. Issuers receive a ratings notification and review the press release prior to publication. Moody’s Local, a domestic credit ratings platform launched in 2019, provides the regional expertise to complement the group’s global coverage. The regional affiliate covers research and risk analysis across Latin America through an established presence in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. Moody’s Local is driven by experienced regional analysts using customised methodologies to deliver market-specific insights. The corporation is in the process of acquiring SCRiesgo’s domestic credit agencies in Central America and the Dominican Republic, which will significantly expand Moody’s footprint in Latin America and support its continued development of regional capital markets. Moody’s cloud-based IssuerFocus platform serves as a customisable, one-stop-shop for corporate ratings, research and peer assessment. The user-friendly platform enables round-the-clock access, real-time updates and tailored alert preferences. IssuerFocus is available throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The judging panel announces repeat winner Moody’s Investors Service as the victor in the 2023 awards category Best Credit Risk Analysis (LATAM).