Dorchester Wealth Management: Best Asset Allocation Strategy Canada 2022

Dorchester Wealth Management

Dorchester Wealth Management has been helping clients across North America and overseas to maintain and multiply their investments since 1928. Dorchester’s 10-person investment management team levers over 300 years of cumulative experience to create customised solutions that contribute towards clients’ long-term financial goals and can withstand the complexities of modern markets. The team carefully considers each client’s circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance before constructing an investment portfolio. Neither broker nor custodian, Dorchester serves as a registered portfolio manager in Canada and a registered non-resident investment advisor in the US. It has earned the continued trust of its clients and is currently responsible for AUM valued above $1.2 billion US ($1.6 billion Cad). The firm was proud to report attractive results in 2022, despite the ongoing challenges caused by inflation. It achieved very positive results by focusing on the fundamentals of client-driven and research-backed asset allocation. It remains flexible to take advantage of market changes and conducts constant analysis to build diversified portfolios regarding asset mix, industry weights and company exposures. It considers clients’ tax obligations and global socioeconomic issues that can impact portfolio returns. In 2015, following a 49.5 percent economic interest in the bottom line by Focus Financial Partners, Dorchester became part of an international network of independent and entrepreneurial wealth management firms. Dorchester and its partners benefit from shared expertise, turbocharged growth potential and multi-generational continuity. The judging panel presents Dorchester Wealth Management — a repeat programme winner — with the 2022 award for Best Asset Allocation Strategy (Canada).