3J Capital Partners: Best Global Asset Allocation Strategy Brazil 2023

3J Capital

3J Capital Partners serves institutional and private clients around the world, personalising services to fit varying risk profiles and growth objectives. The investment advisor is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and forms part of a group with licensed and regulated companies in Brazil, the US, the UK, Luxembourg and Portugal. Over the past two decades, the 3J group has built a global network of financial institutions, execution platforms, trading desks, legal service providers and independent research teams. 3J Capital Partners levers the collective expertise and access of the group network to help clients achieve their goals. As a registered external investment advisor with prominent international banks, 3J Capital Partners gives clients access to products and services designed for ultra-high-net-worth investors. It conducts daily reviews of client portfolios, finetuning asset allocation strategies and soliciting direct involvement from investors as needed. It deploys a team of specialists in portfolio and fund management, trading desk, asset allocation, state planning and M&A to provide clients with the most comprehensive view of global investment markets. 3J Capital Partners is developing the first sustainable agricultural private equity fund in Brazil. The fund aims to build national and global food resiliency by investing in 120,000 hectares of Brazilian farmland. It will extract returns through the sustainable production of cash crops and the appreciating value of the responsibly managed land. The CFI.co judging panel announces 3J Capital Partners as the 2023 award winner for Best Global Asset Allocation Strategy (Brazil).