JP Morgan: Best Wealth Planning Services United States 2022


There’s no broad-brush approach to wealth management, which is why JP Morgan experts pay attention to one-on-one relationships, creating bespoke strategies with each customer’s requirements in mind. The New York-based multinational investment bank prides itself on its ability to tailor specific wealth planning schemes, drawn up using the expertise of staff, and the company’s long experience in the field, serving some of the country’s wealthiest individuals and families. The company’s wealth planning experts take a 360 degree view of each client’s finances, understanding that their needs are likely to evolve. JP Morgan specialists are skilled in helping customers navigate major events, no matter how quickly they arise. One area – sustainable investing, involving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria – is currently soaring in popularity. Some sceptics suggest that investors risk sacrificing returns by investing sustainably. JP Morgan disagrees – the company believes sustainable investing has the power to both drive long term growth, and have a positive environmental impact. The company’s experts judge that sustainable investing helps identify businesses which display quality growth and offer higher profitability. JP Morgan insight teams report many examples of this trend. More companies, for instance, are tying executive compensation to ESG initiatives. JP Morgan monitoring teams also note that shareholders are increasingly forcing climate change issues up the agenda, demanding that environmental issues are tackled. Adding to the company’s impressive awards tally, the judging panel in 2022 is pleased to present JP Morgan with the award, Best Wealth Planning Services United States.

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