Pavilion Global Markets: Best Transition Management Team North America 2020


Pavilion Global Markets (PGM) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and attributes its enduring success to a steadfast intention to create a credible and sustainable business. PGM is an agency and institutional-only focused firm with a strong and stable team offering three specialised services: portfolio transition management, global research, and an equity execution platform covering 50 international markets. The Canadian firm has begun to make inroads into the Middle East. PGM has visited the region to research market opportunities and establish new customer relationships.

The firm assists institutional investors and financial intermediaries to streamline their portfolio structures, transition between investment managers, alter asset allocations and rebalance their portfolios. Transition management benefits clients through lower commission rates and a well-planned execution strategy. It is a core part of the firm and represents about a quarter of PGM’s business.

The transition management business is supported by PGM’s global trading that operates 24-hours during the working week and successfully deals in all asset classes. To satisfy complex trading needs and achieve best execution for our clients, we use a combination of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated trading algorithms.

Over the past 12 months, Pavilion Global Markets (PGM) has achieved growth in the transition management business line with a revenue increase and important reputational advances. It has also advanced its digital transition plan in response to Covid-19 to strengthen remote working capabilities. The judging panel declares PGM — a repeat programme winner — as the Best Transition Management Team (North America) for 2020.