Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office: Best Strategic Asset Allocation Team Germany 2019

Navigating the investment market is a strategic endeavour, where advanced, quantitative analysis trumps emotion — and few firms are as skilled at the game as the multi-family office and asset manager Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office. The German firm views the challenges of complex assets as an opportunity to leverage its market expertise for the long-term benefit of its clients. For more than two decades, Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office has provided partnership-based support to its clients, developing individual investment strategies designed to meet the investment objectives of each one, taking into account return targets, investment horizons, cash flow needs and risk tolerance. Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) is a crucial first step to creating return and risk profiles consistent with all the investor’s preferences. Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office quantifies the opportunities and risks of liquid and illiquid assets into a transparent, objective, and reliable basis for decision making. Through its SAA investment approach, Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office processes the data through the framework of each client’s strategy — and the firm’s “PassivePlus” guidelines. “PassivePlus” utilizes, as the name suggests, passive funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) as its core investments and pursues active funds only when data deems them worthy. Flashy trends and market fads don’t find their way into investor’s portfolios.  All investment strategies are based on academically founded and practically proven theses. The highly quantitative investment process ensures that subjective assessments are avoided and produces highly diversified portfolios with no cluster risks. The firm has enjoyed strong performance even in poor market phases and has beaten 95% of its comparable peer group since 2014. Especially the year 2018 has been a good one for the “PassivePlus” concept. Remaining close to the benchmark and avoiding costly tactical asset allocation mistakes has once more proven effective during this difficult economic period.  The judging panel pegs the firm as a solid partner — in fair weather or foul — and declares Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office as the winner of the 2019 award for Best Strategic Asset Allocation Team (Germany).

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