Catalyst Partners: Best SME Growth Investment Partner MENA 2017

The clue is in the name: Catalyst Partners aims to up the ante, spur development, and encourage entrepreneurial success. Dedicated to empowering medium-sized and family-owned businesses, Catalyst Partners offers a path to success, leveraging its management knowhow and facilitating access to capital markets as well as debt.

Catalyst Partners was founded by its Managing Partner Aly El Tahry, who also co-founded leading MENA-based investment banking firms Hermes Financial and Beltone Financial. The Egypt-based investment company is present in a particularly deep and wide universe: fully 99% of the country’s businesses fall into the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) category. Thanks to its knowledge of local circumstances and its extensive experience with Egyptian companies, Catalyst Partners selects – and takes a stake in – well-established medium-sized and family businesses which show the most promise in terms of innovation and scalability. The firm then applies its well-proven management techniques to foster accelerated growth and move its corporate charges from niche to mainstream.

In order to achieve its goals, Catalyst Partners follows an integrated approach by offering support during critical business development stages, building capacity, and adhering to a set of clear objectives. Through its in-house teams, the firm provides its incubated partners access to services which are not typically readily available to smaller businesses, including (but not limited to) enterprise development, planning, corporate governance, financial controls and due diligence.

Catalyst Partners also enables the targeted companies to satisfy their capital needs through its expertise in financial transactions. Offering businesses the opportunity to reach their full potential, Catalyst Partners fosters optimized results for all stakeholders.

The judging panel recognises the value of the company’s approach to helping businesses succeed in a dynamic market. The judges are pleased to offer Catalyst Partners the 2017 Best SME Growth Investment Partner MENA Award.

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