Openwork: Best Financial Adviser Support Services United Kingdom 2016

As one of the UK’s largest financial advisory networks with over forty years of experience, the Openwork Group comprises of more than 300 staff and 3,000 professional financial advisers. Its leading edge derives from quality work and an unfailing engagement with customers in the search for opportunity – whether that is buying a house, expanding a business, or growing a nest egg.

Openwork partners with leading financial services providers to allow its clients access to premium services. The network also offers its clients a wide range of tools that ferret out the best deals.

Openwork pushes the envelope of the financial advisory business. The network maintains its own investment company with a wide array of fund available exclusively to clients.

Through the Openwork Foundation the network raises funds for community-based projects aimed at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children and young adults. This replicates Openwork’s own sense of community which reaches out to young professionals wishing to give their career a boost by joining a thriving network of advisors and peer groups.

The judging panel notes that Openwork stretches the definition of a financial advisory network to include an exceptionally wide range of products and services that, jointly or separately, have the potential to vastly increase the quality of life of both clients and associates. Openwork is named winner of the 2016 Best Financial Adviser Support Service United Kingdom Award.

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