Affirmative Investment Management Partners: Best Green Bond Team United Kingdom 2016


AIM: Team

Putting money to work for a better tomorrow, Affirmative Investment Management (AIM) Partners combines time-honoured portfolio management strategies and sustainability parameters to offer a range of advisory services and products that help provide solutions to global challenges. Incorporating ESG (environmental, social, and governance) considerations into the decision making process, without compromising more traditional yardsticks, allows AIM to give its clients a chance to increase the impact of their investments while generating mainstream returns.

Moving beyond the hype, AIM works proactively with bond issuers to ensure they adhere to strict ESG guidelines and employ the funds raised towards sustainable business practices. The firm is recognised as a pioneer in green bonds and has helped shape the market. Employing positive selection criteria, AIM staff boasts an exceptionally long track record in managing green bond portfolios.

AIM is a data-driven firm and, as such, continuously monitors the performance and impact of its investment portfolio. Its holistic approach enables the company to quickly adapt strategies to changing circumstances without compromising returns.

AIM focuses on fixed income instruments that are carefully tailored to individual investment profiles and risk tolerance. The firm offers a comprehensive product mix that stretches from low risk / high liquidity to funds and vehicles more suited to investors seeking high returns and willing to bear the attendant degree of risk. AIM also offers its clients access to one-off special opportunities that the firm unearths while investigating the broader market.

The judging panel recognises the need for investment products tailored to dovetail with the world’s growing demand for sustainable corporate practices. As ESG values move from the esoteric to the mainstream and become embedded in corporate best practices, investors have followed suit, demanding their savings be employed in a way both meaningful and sustainable. By offering solidly designed products that meet these demands, Affirmative Investment Management is providing a sorely needed service to the investor community. The judges are pleased to offer the company their 2016 Best Green Bond Team United Kingdom Award.