2iQ Research: Best Investment Tool Europe 2015


To find out what corporate decision makers really think and know, it is best to analyse their behaviour. This simple, yet often overlooked, truth forms the premise that led to the founding of 2iQ Research in 2002. The firm is a product of the famed business incubator of Frankfurt’s Goethe University and received its initial backing and guidance from eminent German professors.

2iQ Research has pioneered the analysis of behavioural finance and the quantitative processing and distilling of broader capital market data. Combining the two, 2iQ Research has developed a number of complex, yet easy to use, financial applications that allow investment managers to better anticipate market moves and gauge, and correctly interpret, market sentiment.

Boiled down to its very essentials, 2iQ products and services allow investors a peek into the trades of industry insiders – those in-the-know. The firm keeps well over 40,000
companies in more than fifty countries under constant surveillance and enhances the data thus gathered by including insider equity positions and transactions driven by company specific events such as mergers – or indications thereof.

Data, both in its raw form and refined for the detection of trends, is delivered to 2iQ Research in real time, facilitating the search for alpha – the elusive sweet spot for optimised riskadjusted performance that 2iQ’s applications manage, more often than not, to corral and capture with comforting ease.

Leveraging the predictive power of insider transactions to underwrite efficient investment strategies is a notoriously timeconsuming and laborious process due to the dispersed nature of publically available information. 2iQ Research maintains a staff of experienced professionals, and runs a number of bespoke systems, dedicated to scooping up data nuggets scattered about the vast universe of filings – spanning a multitude of markets and languages – to compose a clear picture of insider transactions that is subjected to thorough analysis and screening before being presented to the firm’s clients.

The CFI.co judging panel finds, in turn, that 2iQ Research mines and distils a class of data frequently ignored or disregarded by firms pursuing more traditional ways of market analysis. The judges consider the products and services delivered by 2iQ Research both ground-breaking and unique. The panel has no hesitation in extending recognition to 2iQ Research, offering the innovative firm its 2015 Best Investment Tool Europe Award.

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