Région Île-de-France: Best Green Bond Thought Leadership Team Global 2024

Region Ile-de-France

Région Île-de-France has established a profound and impressive presence in the green bond sector, focusing on advancing sustainable finance practices globally. The region’s leadership in green finance is underscored by its role as lead partner for the European “lnterreg” programme, spearheading the GREENGOV project to improve governance and financing for socially responsible investments. The region’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by its extensive issuance of green and sustainability bonds, with 12 public bonds issued since 2012, totalling €6.5 billion. In 2023, 91% of the region’s outstanding debt is green and sustainable borrowings. The region’s green bond framework, updated in March 2021, is regarded as best in class, and already largely aligned with the European principles of green taxonomy. This rigorous approach to sustainable finance has attracted strong investor interest, as evidenced by the successful launch of an €800 million bond issue in January 2024. The issuance garnered orders from 87 investors across 12 countries, showcasing the region’s widespread appeal and its strong financial credentials. The transaction’s success reflects the quality of the region’s financial strength and its sustained commitment to green finance. Furthermore, Région Île-de-France’s focus on robust impact assessment and comprehensive reporting reinforces its position as a leader in sustainable finance. The ex­post impact report project, in collaboration with an auditing firm, aims to evaluate the region’s green investments’ medium-to-long-term effects, providing transparency and accountability to investors. These efforts culminate in the region’s recognition in 2024 as Best Green Bond Thought Leadership Team (Global).

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