ifok: Best Sustainable Strategy Consultancy Germany 2023


For over 25 years, ifok has been at the vanguard of sustainable change, creating the future with inventive solutions to complicated challenges. ifok, which has a strong presence in Germany and Belgium, employs 300 experts who are driving change inter alia in climate protection, energy, mobility, open government, health, and the economy. It believes in the triage of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, guaranteeing forward-thinking solutions, with a solid focus on delivering clear communications to and participation of all stakeholders. This strategy has positioned ifok as a pre-eminent change agent that assists public institutions, businesses, and organisations in navigating today’s complex sustainability concerns. The ifok team includes professionals from economics, engineering, environmental science, policy, and sociology. Data-driven analysis and the innovation potential of interdisciplinary collaboration distinguish their work. Projects span from national climate change adaptation plans to designing circular economy frameworks, assisting with renewable energy transitions, and implementing sustainability programmes. ifok has aided in the formation of policy and public opinion on critical issues, increasing democratic involvement and civic engagement. ifok is a certified climate-neutral corporation that offsets its business emissions and promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals. ifok champions gender equality, diversity, and work-life balance. With its constant innovation and extension of skills, this firm is a great partner for those devoted to a more sustainable future. The judges are impressed by creator Hans-Peter Meister’s vision and MDs Henning Banthien and Dirk Rompf’s total dedication. ifok wins the 2023 award for Best Sustainable Strategy Consultancy (Germany).

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