DCM Systematic: Best Alternative Investment Strategy Switzerland 2024


DCM Systematic’s most distinguishing feature resides with its research-driven process that rests upon quantitative models, data science, and machine learning.  DCM adopts a targeted approach aiming to exploit market inefficiencies, potentially leading to alpha generation, or excess returns beyond market benchmarks. Unlike trend followers who react to historical data, DCM seeks to anticipate the future behaviour of market participants and their likely trading patterns. By understanding how other participants might trade and the potential impact of their decisions, DCM can proactively position itself to benefit from these dynamics and implement behavioural and relative value strategies. DCM’s scientific approach towards asset management is well suited to trading liquid markets, such as futures, for which data is abundant.

DCM manages a discreet number of funds and segregated mandates on behalf of institutional clients in Europe and the US, of which some are themselves experts in algorithmic trading. DCM started trading its main fund called Diversified Alpha over eight years ago and has steadily grown its client base ever since through consistent client service and a commitment to transparency. DCM strategically targets specific inefficiencies, such assets perceived to be either undervalued or overvalued, with a view to generating alpha and long term, uncorrelated results.

DCM’s blend of research, forward-looking approach, rigorous execution, and client service position the firm as a leader in the alternative investment landscape and exemplify the very core values of this award.

CFI.co extends its congratulations to DCM Systematic on the 2024 award Best Alternative Investment Strategy (Switzerland).