JWG Group Ltd: Best AI-Powered Compliance RegTech UK 2022


How can financial service procedures stay current and compliant when market regulations form a stack of documents reaching three times higher than the Eiffel Tower? JWG solutions sift through the ever-changing mountain of regulatory information to ensure that crucial documents are delivered to the right person at the right time. The company’s flagship product is a multi-user platform called RegDelta that relies on artificial intelligence and natural language processing to streamline regulatory compliance. Horizon scanning radars alert the company to regulatory updates that are happening once every minute worldwide. The system scans more than 900 sources and 18 languages. JWG analysts then complement the AI-enabled automation by summarising and enriching the documents with 12 metadata fields that allow users to seamlessly navigate vast digital libraries. Users can set the system to generate customised radar reports, and the data is presented in XML format with an enhanced style sheet via SFTP or API. JWG combines 15 years of insight and experience to inform users of regulatory obligations with near real-time alerts as global policy evolves. RegDelta’s SaaS and data model is budget friendly and easily exploitable by downstream policy owners. JWG solutions help financial service providers safeguard their reputations in the age of accountability. The CFI.co judging panel congratulates JWG on harnessing the power of technology to filter out the noise and pinpoint only the most relevant information for its clients. JWG Group wins the 2022 award for Best AI-Powered Compliance RegTech (UK).

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